D Chalet Ombak Biru is a new chalet operating on Pengkalan Balak beach, a perfect retreat for the whole family. There are 12 rooms available, including a children's pool and various other amenities available. Just 500 meters from the Mosque of Aminin Sungai Tuang, check it out !!
Parking in front of the spacious chalets available.

Inside each chalet also provided 2 clothes hangers. The Ironing section is also user-friendly to facilitate all the renters of the chalet to use it.

On the main road of Pengkalan Balak.

These are among our colorful rooms. These rooms are available with well-appointed and comfortable amenities. Among the features: 
  • Rooms for prayer / luggage
  • Mini Fridge
  • Kettle with 2 mugs
  • 2 bottles of mineral water
  • Coffee Table
  • 2 towels (Single Rooms)
  • 4 towels (Family Rooms)
  • ASTRO channel
  • Aircond
  • Water Heater

Call / Whatsapp for booking.
  • 016-2115359
  • 016-2115359
  • 016-2115359
email: dchaletombakbiru@gmail.com

For all information, our chalet is fully under the supervision of CCTV and our chalet area is also fenced. However, parental supervision is also needed for the safety of children. Your cooperation is appreciated

~ Comfort like being home alone ~

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