Beach holiday in Pengkalan Balak, Malacca


In an era of 60-year, this beach is very popular to the British troops exercise with the family. As British troops are staff-officer in the camp next to the beach of Tanjung Bidara Trendak Camp. When in 1971 all officers / soldiers was sent back to Britain (independence agreement) then Pengkalan Balak become deserted beach close to the two close. In 1987 on the service of native kg. Pengkalan Balak itself of late Hon Hassan Bahari, built on the edge of a path along the coast, then back to the beach cheerful and popular as tourism assets. Roads are called "Coast Road Drive" (JPP). To the public throughout the JPP is covered beach Kok ett (Hohoya), Seman Java coast, coastal Haji Sidek, beach mat arrogant, beach White People (Dear Husin beach), beach and coastal Wak Entel Wahab Penyu.Kesemua niche beaches mentioned that , has its own string of occurrences. For example, coast Mat arrogant around years end tujuhpuluhan had a crocodile stranded on the beach. This event is very mengemparkan population kg.Pengkalan Timber and surrounding areas. 

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