Chalet Cindai

Chalet 5 units suitable for a relaxing family seaside Tanjung Bidara.

This chalet is in the village. Somewhat privacy because no other chalets nearby. Here can see the activity of the village in the evening.

This chalet is common. Python so affordable price around of RM85 for one night.

Facilities :
  • Fan
  • Air-Cond
  • TV
1 room can accommodate between 4 or 5 people. In the event many were near the chalets can also be rented. Price RM100 public holiday.

You can also bring a fishing rod to soften by the sea either afternoon or evening.

Area in front of the chalet.
Guys fishing area. In the evening, many puffer fish that will arise.
 Anyone who intends to bring the family breathe fresh air, please contact:
  • 012-6733453 / 012-2953242 (Mr. Azmi)
Batu 24, Kampung Balik Batu Tanjung Bidara 78300 Masjid Tanah Melaka.

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