Located on the banks of the Malacca Strait coast, in the area of ​​Alor Gajah. Made up of 19 wooden chalets and construction of 4 miles. It is ideal to relax with family while enjoying grilled fish from a number of stalls along the beach.

From the beach can be seen a lot of small boats and fishermen are catching fish and shrimp. Its waters ideal for Bathing, water does not fall far KETENGAH and not muddy sand beaches.

A variety of beach activities to do such as fishing, kayaking, sports, beach, BBQ and so on.

The journey from the Kuala Lumpur takes about 2 hours, through Spicy stem, then to the Chinese Lubuk, Masjid Tanah, Base Logs. Travel as far as seven miles from the mosque to Ban Land Timber, will go through the Malacca Matriculation College to meet with a circle of four junction, follow the directions to the Port Logs up to meet police at the end. Then follow the directions to the left (welcome to the tourist center of the timber terminal) while heading to the beach chalets.

For visitors from the south, the more easily through the Ayer Kroh continue through highway Bertam ~ Sungai Shrimp (across the stadium Hang Tuah). From the traffic light Sungai Shrimp, navigate to the right through the Forest towards the mosque to the base of the Land and Timber. 

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Chalet Seraya Pantai
Kampung Hailam, Pengkalan Balak, Masjid Tanah, 78300 Malacca.
Tel      : 06-3540314/012-6188499
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