Pantai Suria Chalet

 Sure your vacation here in provisions budget your family.

Located on the main beach of Pengkalan Balak, about 34.4 km from Melaka City, Solar Beach Chalet offers a wide selection of chalets in the village atmosphere. Each chalet is equipped with air conditioning (air-conditioned) and television. Ease of cleaning the body after bathing, fishing, fresh air and comfortable and reasonable rates make a new experience that is not easily forgotten.

Signboard easily visible from the main road to the beach Pengkalan Balak.
Comfortable chalets available.

The main entrance to our chalet.

Pantai Suria Chalet,
Pengkalan Balak Beach,
Masjid Tanah, Malacca.

Tel : 06-3843353
Hp : 012-2223880

1 comment:

  1. Salam. saya ingin bertanya harga 1 mlm dan ada lagi chaet kosong tak pd 17/12


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