Lestari Chalet is a new chalet built in the coastal Pengkalan Balak, Malacca. Only 1 km from the police station Pengkalan Balak. Ranking chalet facing the sea is very beautiful. There are 6 cozy chalet unit is provided.

Main entrance to our chalet.
The front of the chalet.

Among other amenities are available: 
  • Spacious parking area. 
  • The cottage is available to relax in front of the chalet
  • Used cooking BBQ available. 
  • Water pipes to clean the body after bathing is available outside the chalet. 
  • Air conditioning is available. 
  • Squatting toilets.
Side view of our chalet.
Pondok in front of the chalet facing the sea.
The spacious parking area is available.
Chalet rental rate. 
  • Chalet General (only RM120 / night) 
  • Simple chalet (RM90 / night)

Check In: 2 pm.
Check Out: 12

For reservations please call: 013-620 4507, 06-384 2423 
(Cikgu Hj. Abdullah)

Arrival at our chalet was our welcome.

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