Memories I Coast Coast Pengkalan Balak, Malacca.

What I remember during the holiday on the beach Pengkalan Balak atmosphere is calm during the morning. At that time I stay at Chalet friendly, private place quite a few but really quiet area because there is no interference from other beach visitors.

Although like any one day I will go there again in the holiday, so satisfaction, calm and

expenditure is in the budget.

Mesra Chalet in what Interestingly, the Endowments are available for each room rented. In addition to reasonable prices, clean environment including the beach was also cleaned by the owner of the chalet.

What if the night is, apart from its own activities, visitors will be able to view the activities of local residents to catch shrimp for children made belacan, the feedback I am.

If the meal is, be a little out, go at the end of the junction area police huts, the area is plentiful food stalls. For the existing provision of large, may take food fish or steam Siakap Siakap 3 taste with shrimp cooked with red, for the throat tu want to eat the sour-sour may have ordered bowl of Tom Yam. Overall activity beach at night is lively. To beloved spouse can go out walking coast, the foot is what the fishing rod so the main purpose there. While that came with the family, any more then the children are asleep, the mother and father do projects, play 2 to 3 times until morning, if that is tired, say, holiday time is suitable for couples with Asmara.

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