Surely draw your holiday in our chalet, must reconcile all.

Main Entrance to the Chalet.
The front area of the spacious chalets overlooking the beach.

For Inquiries and Reservation, Please Contact: 

Pn. Hamidah (Tel : 06-384 7763 / 017-391 4767)
Batu 22, Kampung Sungai Kertah Pangkalan Balak, 78300 Masjid Tanah,
Melaka, Malaysia.
A place to cook, relax and chill once prepared, is the best.

Room Rates
  • The fee is RM100 per unit accommodation (Public holidays, school holidays), RM90 to RM80 (On weekdays). Price is negotiable.
Chalet facing the beach.
The beach area, broadly in line held a variety of beach activities.

Scenery from the beach, DO BEAUTIFUL...

Among the facilities available at the chalet outside. The children want to play it wide area. Activity is suitable for night sitting here, living up to say 2 to 3 morning. Air is fresh, hearts will be quiet, will not head the fiber.

Children are the most fun of all activity on the waterfront.
One of the activities of local residents trawl fish. The instant the fish will continue to sell to visitors, the price is reasonable.

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