Chalet Seri Pengkalan Balak

Location, facing the beach, there is no barrier between the chalet and the beach, have an area for recreation, clean beaches, privacy atmosphere, large room.

Pantai Pengkalan Balak is a continuation of Tanjung Bidara, Melaka. Wide coastal beaches flanked beauty and uniqueness fishing villages make the atmosphere very peaceful and scenic surroundings. The beaches are popular with many forms of private chalet provides space for visitors and tourists to stay and enjoy the lovely atmosphere at night. Visitors also get to see the joy of returning fishermen dusk sea productive day.

Total Rooms : 8 Rooms
Facilities : 

  • Air-Conditioning 
  • Television
The main entrance to the Chalet.
Chalet area right opposite the sea.
Extensive parking area is provided.
Provided also wide open spaces overlooking the sea straits of Malacca.
Chalet price is calculated per night. Price 1 night - RM50 
* Reservations must be made at least one week before you come here.

For more information and reservations, please contact : 06-3847564 / 012-6238564

Address : Jalan Persisiran Pantai, Penkalan Balak, Melaka.     


  1. Sekarang dh byk pokok yg rendang dan dh ada 2 wakaf utk bru menginap kat sni....mmg best....

    1. Bole saya tahu apa nama challet tu?

    2. Sri Pengkalan Balak Chalet. 017-6638154

  2. Mmg best lepak sini.....laut depan mata.
    Pimilik callet pun mesra pelanggan dan peramah giler...

  3. saya baru nak lepak tapi tak tahu nak komen ape.?

  4. Chalet kayu ke batu??

  5. Utk 2 februari ada kosg x dua biji ....

  6. 14 fabruari...silap....

  7. Kalau nak tengok sendiri pastu tempah on the spot boleh ke? Kalau boleh nak check in malam ni satu malam je..
    Boleh email saya .

  8. Blh xklu dah tempah 1 chalet,lpas tu saya pasang khemah 2 biah kat dpan chalet.sbb famly da yg nak tido khemah,ada yg nak tido bilik

  9. Nak tanya ada tak bilik kosong lg check in pd 24.12.2016 and check out 25.12.2016

  10. byk sekarang chalet sekitar pengkalan balak...

  11. Ada tak contact no.termini dan challet yg Terbaik yg boleh disyorkan.tq


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