As soon as the inclusion in this chalet area continue to fall in love. Why feel like back to the village only. If you do not believe me? Look at yourself, if feel like going on holiday here, may call the manager to ask the room. For inquiries and bookings please contact us at: - 019 3310885 @ 012 6582561 (KAK SITI), 0192172317 (MR MAD YUSOOF), 012 3408969 (MS Zawiyah). Thank you.

Guests are very pleased with this wooden chalet.
Feel like back to the village only. this chalet
just use ceiling fans only. But at the time
undoubtedly cool night because wooden wall.
Chalet type has air conditioning.
BBQ provided a place for cooking. Classic got style.
Using the drum that is cut in the middle of that.

This wooden chalet 4 rooms combined. All rooms have 2 doors.
One the front, another in front of the toilet.
If after the last sea bath can continue washing
body in the bathroom Prepared.
Enjoying the beauty of this beach.
We hope your holiday will be remembered until the end.


  1. Saya cadang nak buat family gathering end Jan 2013 ni . Utk 2D/1N.
    You ada berapa chalet? Boleh accomodate berapa orang?

    Maklumat famili saya
    Keluarga : 13 Jumlah : 64 orang
    Pecahan ikut Umur : Dewasa = 43 ,Kanak2 <12 = 15 Baby<4 =6.

    Ada pakej istemewa untuk group gathering mcm ni tak?

    Terima kasih.


  2. Memerlukan perkhidmatan P.A System,Dj/Emcee,Karaoke dll?Sila hubungi kami.Harga boleh bincang. 010-4225288 Dj Ijam (Telok Gong)

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